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Brand: Nappynat
Made in Italy! Organic Cotton Baby Pads100% Organic Cotton • Extra SoftOrganic Cotton Baby Pads made of soft certified organic cotton, ideal for baby’s daily hygene right from the very first days, when applying lotion, oil or for intimate cleaning.10 x 10 cm60 pieces in each packNappynat uses o..
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Brand: Nappynat
Made in Italy! Made of pure and soft cotton wool, certified 100% biologic, ideal for the hygiene and personal care.Packaging made of Bio compostable plastic.Weight 100 g..
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Brand: Nappynat
Made in Italy! Why choose Nappynat Protective Cream?A good soothing and protective cream is a product that can be extremely useful for taking care of baby's delicate skin during the winter months, and in particular as a shield against atmospheric agents that might affect the skin. There ar..
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Brand: Nappynat
Made in Italy! Baby body shampoo with Eucalyptus, Aloe and Mallow extracts 450mlGentle shampoo for the care and cleansing of hair, suitable for the most sensitive skins, with refreshing eucalyptus essential oil. Ideal for your baby.All containers and caps are made of biodegradable and compostab..
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Brand: Nappynat
Made in Italy! Pleasant and gentle body wash enriched with refreshing eucalyptus essential oil, ideal for the delicate skin of babies for everyday bathing. A dermatologically tested 450 ml bottle containing no chemical substances harmful for the human body. Our products are:Formaldehyde, P..
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Brand: Nappynat
Made in Italy! Baby Conditioner with Eucalyptus and Chamomile extractsGentle creamy conditioner suitable for all hair types, enriched with eucalyptus essential oil for a sense of freshness and well-being.150 ml bottleAll containers and caps are made of biodegradable and compostable PLA.Our prod..
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Brand: Nappynat
Made in Italy! With eucalyptus and aloe extracts No-rinse hand sanitizer gel, ideal when you are not at home and need a gentle thorough clean without using water, enriched with eucalyptus essential oil and with a refreshing action. 150mlAll containers and caps are made of biodegradable and comp..
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