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Payment methods

The mamababy enables you to pay for your purchases with any of the following ways to serve you.

1. Cash on Delivery (only for Cyprus and Greece).

You can order the products you want and pay to the carrier the moment you receive them. The one-time cash on delivery is something we can not avoid, and cost of the courier. Cash on delivery payment method is available only for Cyprus and Greece

 2. Using PayPal or Paypal Express

It allow users with a PayPal account to transfer money. Through the secure area of ​​the site, connect to PayPal's body and make the transfer. However is recommended if you wish to use a credit card to do so directly through our site, and not through paypal.

3. With your Credit card.

We give you the following repayment options using your credit card with secure payment, Mastercard or Visa or any other credit or debit card of any bank in installments.

Mamababy use Vivawallet card payment system.

Mamababy is not  collecting any personal details of your cart such us cart number etc.

The VAT include is included on all prices.