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Red Dress for Events (Code-484232 962318)

Red Dress for Events
Red Dress for Events
Red Dress for Events
Red Dress for Events
Red Dress for Events
Red Dress for Events
Red Dress for Events
Red Dress for Events
Red Dress for Events
Red Dress for Events
Red Dress for Events (Code-484232 962318)
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The dress is in a very comfortable line so it can be worn easily and is particularly comfortable in movement.

*These charts are for reference only. Fit may vary depending on the construction, materials and manufacturer.

  • Size
  • 18-36 Months
  • 3 Years
  • 3-4 Years
  • 4-5 Years
  • 5-6 Years
  • 7-8 Years
  • Height
  • 80-87 
  • 87-95 
  • 95-108 
  • 108-115 
  • 115-122 
  • 128-135 
  • Weight (kg)
  • 12.6-13.7 
  • 13.7-14.5 
  • 14.8-17 
  • 17-19.5 
  • 19.5-23 
  • 26-30 
  • Bust
  • 58 
  • 60 
  • 62 
  • 64 
  • 66 
  • 70 
  • Length
  • 62 
  • 65 
  • 68 
  • 72 
  • 75 
  • 80

             9-11 Χρονών                                                                                              76                                82

*According to different measurements there may be about 1-3 cm difference. 

Red Dress for Events (Code-484232 962318)

Princess, Meng Baby, Red Dress for Events

Meng Baby, Princess, Red Dress for Events

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Instructions for Dresses

All the dresses are sent to our customer in courier packaging, with the result that when they are opened, they are crumpled. Here are some tips on how to open them for the first time:

1) Open carefully open the courier package by hand without using a knife, scissors, etc.

2) Open carefully the package of the dress.

3) Shake it carefully because sometimes there may be small threads from the production line is normal.*

4) Hang the dress for 24 hours fully open.

5) Iron very carefully, look at the instructions below for best results.
    a) Nylon and polyester fabrics: Iron from their upside down dry side, at low temperature, to avoid fabric glosses.
    b) Viscose fabrics: Iron the fabric fresh, on the reverse side, at a very low temperature.
    c) Lace fabrics: It is recommended to use deionized water to maintain the quality of the lace. Lightly wet the lace with it before ironing.
    d) Woolen cotton fabrics: Use a low temperature and a lightly damp cloth or towel over the fabric you want to iron, to avoid shine and damage to the quality of the fabric.

6) Open it with your hands from the inside out to get volume.


1) It does not enter the clothes dryer

2) Wash only by hand at a temperature below 30 degrees

The dresses are sent infactory packaging, as a result of which sometimes there are some threads in their packaging from the production line.

It is completely normal as many pieces of the dress sequins, buttons etc. are made it by hand using thread.

This Dress have Country to origin China

Made in P.R.C.
* There may be a 1-3 cm deviation because all the dresses are measured by hand.
* Age is indicative because it is difficult to determine the exact number at these ages.
* There may be a small disconnect in coloring due to lighting in photography