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squeezer Bag Breidabei 130ml (Code-Β-1001)

squeezer Bag Breidabei 130ml (Code-Β-1001)


Breidabei bags are good for all ages, whether as a main dish for the baby, as a snack or dessert.

Great for a snack in between, these 130ml breidabei squeeze bags are perfect for a snack, a dessert or for the lunch. breidabei has a zip closure at the bottom to easily open and clean.

Size: 10x16cm 
material: Nylon / PE

Additional features:

  • suitable for all mushy food
  • dishwasher safe
  • freezable
  • not suitable for the microwave
  • BPA free
  • reusable

It's so easy with breidabei :

1. Choose delicious and healthy ingredients for your breidabei out, always best organic quality.

2. Place all ingredients raw or steamed in the blender and puree it until a paste-like consistency. A selection of recipe ideas, see recipes News &.

3. breidabei  is filled by the stable zipper seal at the bottom of the bag. Turn for the bag simply upside down, open the zipper closure (the lid must be firmly screwed) and fill it with your favorite snack. breidabei  should only be filled to about 3/4 (about 130ml) depending on the content. Wipe or wash all Breireste or grains from  breidabei  from zip closure and make sure that the zipper closure is again well and securely closed after filling.

4. Now breidabei can go into the hands of your childen to have fun.

5. The easiest and most gentle cleaning breidabei by hand with warm soapy water and a bottle brush; or simply in the dishwasher. Rinse first and simply place vertically like a glass in the top drawer of your dishwasher.

6. Now your breidabei is again ready for the next use. Use it again and again!

squeezer Bag Breidabei 130ml (Code-Β-1001)

Bottle, Breidabei, squeezer Bag Breidabei 130ml

Breidabei, Bottle, squeezer Bag Breidabei 130ml

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