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Reward Points

Welcome to the Reward Points System!

More you shop, More you win!

Below you will see how you can take your first free Rewards Points.

Rewards Points before your first purchase.

Create an account and take for free 30 Rewards Points = € 1.50  Click Here

Sign up to newsletter and win: 10 Points = € 0.5

Reward Points you will get after completing your first purchase.

For your first purchase you win: 30 Points = € 1.5

Rating a product and win: 10 Points = € 0.5

Reward Points after your first purchase.

Example: For a complete order of €50 you will get 50 Points equal to € 5

100 Reward Point = 5 Euro

Now with every purchase, you collect points and earn an extra discount on your purchases! All you need to do is create an account on our page! Click Here 

On your account page Click Here you can see the points you have collect!

Whether it's the first time you visit our site or you've made some purchases in the past, you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions below:

How do I collect Reward Points and when do they appear in my account?

Because at we always want to reward our good customers, every euro wins! For every 100€ shopping you earn 50 point!

Points are credited automatically to your account and are instantly available during the purchase process.

What do I win;

There is no redemption limit for every 100 points you earn € 5. Each time you can redeem a part or the entire amount of the total discount you are entitled to, so that you can make use of your remaining discount in many future markets!

How do I redeem?

You can see and redeem your points immediately during the purchase process

What if my order is canceled / refunded?

In case the order is canceled, the points are not recorded in the total available points. If your order is refunded then the points are deducted from the Available Points in your account.