Having as their main purpose the normal development of the natural acid mantle of the infant’s skin, HELENVITA BABY care products contain ingredients of extremely high standards.
They are enriched with: OMEGA BLUE (2%), blueberry oil. Blueberry oil has a very high content, more than 50%, of multi-unsaturated fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3, in optimum ratios. It is rich in soothing phytosterols and Vitamin E, and it is ideal for the reconstruction of the skin.
COTTON EXTRACT (3%). A symbol of softness and purity, cotton extract is rich in proteins, B complex vitamins and sugars that soften and soothe the skin.All of the creams contain no silicone, petroleum by-products (paraffin oil and vaseline), PEGs or preservatives that cause irritation, and they have been designed so that they have the highest possible content of natural nourishing oils and soothing extracts, at a pH level that is compatible with that of the skin.

Helenvita products can be found at Anna Marnerou pharmacy at 209 Archiepiskopou Makariou iii Avenue 2311 Lakatamia. Tel. 22721727 E-mail: annamarnerou@gmail.com, at Sofia A. Papanastasiou pharmacy at 320A A and at Marios Michaelides pharmacies at Nissi avenue 20 Ayia Napa. Tel. 23722316.

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Helenvita Cleansing Mousse 150ml

Product Description:Velvet foam for daily cleansing of oily and acne prone skin. Ideal for dehy..

€12.60 Ex Tax: €10.59

Helenvita Cleansing Gel 200ml

Product Description:Gentle, foaming,liquid cleanser for oily and acne prone skin.Containin..

€12.95 Ex Tax: €10.88

Helenvita Purifying Facial Μask 75ml

Product Description:Mask for deep cleansing of oily, acne-prone skin.The salicylic acid complex, eth..

€10.80 Ex Tax: €9.08

Helenvita Rebalancing Emulsion 60ml

Product Description:Helenvita ACNormal Rebalancing Emulsion 60mlMoisturizing facecream, for the need..

€11.10 Ex Tax: €9.33

Helenvita Urgent Correction Gel 15ml

Product Description:This topical facial gel, which acts focused and rapidly against defects.You can ..

€7.80 Ex Tax: €6.55

Helenvita Daily Moisturizing Cream 100 g

HELENVITA DAILY MOISTURIZING CREAM 100 g contains valuable and highly effective ingredients tha..

€5.95 Ex Tax: €5.00

Helenvita Cotton Buds

Product Description:HELENVITA Cotton BudsSafety cotton buds made from 100% pure cotton of superior q..

€2.00 Ex Tax: €1.68

Helenvita Baby Wipes 20pcs

Product Description:HELENVITA Baby WipesBaby Wipes with chamomile extractsSoft baby wipes impregnate..

€1.30 Ex Tax: €1.09

Helenvita Baby Wipes 64pcs

Product Description:HELENVITA Babe WipesSoft baby wipes impregnated with chamomile extracts. They co..

€2.30 Ex Tax: €1.93

Helenvita Cleansing Pads

Product Description:HELENVITA Cleansing PadPure Cotton pads from 100% pure cotton of superior qualit..

€2.50 Ex Tax: €2.10

Helenvita Baby Nappy rash cream

Product Description:HELENVITA BABY NAPPY RASH CREAMNappy rash cream, for everyday protection, i..

€8.50 Ex Tax: €7.14

Helenvita Baby Liquid talc

Product Description:HELENVITA BABY LIQUID TALCPROTECTIVE MILK / Cotton extract, blueberry oilHe..

€9.00 Ex Tax: €7.56

Helenvita Baby Hands Cleansing gel 200ml

Product Description:HELENVITA Baby HANDS CLEANSING GELExtremely mild cleansing gel, specially d..

€6.00 Ex Tax: €5.04

Helenvita Baby First teeth relief gel

Product Description:HELENVITA BABY FIRST TEETH RELIEF GELSoothing gel for the teeth and gum. / ..

€6.00 Ex Tax: €5.04

Helenvita Baby Cradle Cap oil


€8.50 Ex Tax: €7.14

Helenvita Baby All over cleanser 300ml

Product Description:HELENVITA BABY ALL OVER CLEANSERCleansing liquid / Body and hair / Cotton e..

€9.50 Ex Tax: €7.98

Helenvita Baby soft foam

Product Description:HELENVITA BABY BODY SOFT FOAMMild body cleansing foam / Cotton extractExtre..

€8.50 Ex Tax: €7.14

Helenvita Baby body milk

Product Description:HELENVITA BABY BODY MILKSmooth body milk / Cotton extract and blueberr..

€11.00 Ex Tax: €9.24

Helenvita Baby Bath oil cleanser

Product Description:HELENVITA BABY BATH OIL CLEANSEROleaginous cleansing bubble bath /Blueberry..

€9.50 Ex Tax: €7.98

Helenvita Sun cream SPF 30 Face n Body 150ml

Product Description:HELENVITA SUN CREAM SPF 30 FACE & BODYWaterproof sunscreen face & body c..

€15.99 Ex Tax: €13.44

Helenvita Sun cream SPF 50 Face n Body 150ml

Product Description:HELENVITA SUN CREAM SPF 50 FACE & BODYWaterproof sunscreen face & body c..

€17.99 Ex Tax: €15.12

Helenvita sun Baby Cream SPF 50 Face n Body 100ml

Product Description:HELENVITA SUN BABY CREAM SPF 50 FACE & BODYGentle sun face & body cream,..

€17.99 Ex Tax: €15.12

Helenvita sun kids emulsion SPF 50 Face n Body 150ml

Product Description:HELENVITA SUN KIDS EMULSION SPF 50 FACE & BODYWater Resistant Sunscreen Face..

€18.99 Ex Tax: €15.96

Helenvita After sun care Aloe Vera gel 200ml

Product Description:HELENVITA AFTER SUN CARE ALOE VERA GELAloe Vera Gel with allantoin and panthenol..

€5.99 Ex Tax: €5.03

Helenvita Sun Refreshing spray 150ml

Product Description:HELENVITA SUN REFRESHING SPRAYRefreshing water spray with aloe, with immediate r..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.35


HELENVITA BLEPHACARE Gel is an all-in-one solution ,for the eyelids cleansing and care, especia..

€5.90 Ex Tax: €4.96


Daily cleansing of the eye areaWith great absorbance, they do not leave any residues like cotton eve..

€5.90 Ex Tax: €4.96

HELENVITA BABY All over cleanser 1000ml

Cleansing liquid / Body and hair / Cotton extract and panthenolExtremely mild, gently cleanses the b..

€18.50 Ex Tax: €15.55

HELENVITA Protect Antibacterial Wet Wipes 15Pieces

Product Description:HELENVITA Antibacterial Baby WipesAntibacterial wipes with the disinfectant agen..

€1.45 Ex Tax: €1.22


The high concertation of ARGAN OIL, SWEET ALMOND OIL, OLIVE OIL and SHEA BUTTER, valuable sources of..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.40


Soft Body Milk, rich in moisturizing agents and ingredients with mild antimicrobial and sebum regula..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.40


Contains super fruit ACAI BERRY EXTRACT, which is extremely rich in vitamin C and therefore, provide..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.40


Contains medium sized, hydrolyzed WHEAT PROTEINS, that nourish and improve significantly, the elasti..

€9.50 Ex Tax: €7.98

HELENVITA PURITY Daily Shampoo 300ml

Contains medium sized molecular weight, hydrolyzed WHEAT PROTEINS, that nourish and enhance signific..

€9.50 Ex Tax: €7.98

HELENVITA REVIVING Daily Shampoo 300ml

Shampoo, with mild components, that cleans effectively, while revitalizes and protects your hair.Con..

€9.50 Ex Tax: €7.98