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iiamo warm is nature’s little heating miracle and the heart of the self-warming baby bottle iiamo go.
When inserting an iiamo warm heating cartridge into the bottle’s heating chamber you can warm
up milk to the recommended breast-feeding temperature of 37°C / 99°F in approximately 4 minutes
without electricity or cords.
Here’s how it works:
1) Insert an iiamo warm heating cartridge into the heating chamber of your iiamo go bottle and turn
the bottom trigger all the way.
2) Shake the bottle gently to mix the water and salt in the cartridge to activate full heating.
3) Wait 4 minutes; occasionally shaking gently to make sure the heat is distributed evenly
in the milk. Now your warmed feed is ready.
More Information: See also the video on YouTube
An iiamo warm cartridge only contains water and dried salt (CaCl2) in 2 separate chambers.
When activated, the water and the dried salt in iiamo warm mix, re-hydrating the salt and beginning
a pure, natural heating process. The secret is the exceptional dryness of the salt, and the subsequent
high energy released when that salt meets water.
iiamo warm is a disposable heater and can be used one time. Once the salt and water has been
mixed it is impossible to separate again – at least without adding chemicals. And we do not want to.
Product Information:
Included: 5 single iiamo warm heating cartridges.
Weight: 110 gr.

Made of: Polypropylene (PP), water (H2O) de-hydrated salt (CaCl2).

Safety:iiamo warm fulfils all EN 14350-1 and -2 requirements, the European Standard for Children’s
Drinking Equipment.

Disposable:The iiamo warm cartridge and its content of salt and water can be disposed of in the bin.
Only 14 g polypropylene (PP) is used for an iiamo warm, the weight corresponding to less than half of
an empty ½ liter water bottle. In addition PP is considered one of the most environmentally friendly
types of plastic, leaving only CO2 and water after complete combustion.

Tips:Until it has cooled down, the iiamo warm cartridge should not be removed from the iiamo go bottle,
as this becomes very hot.
If the milk you pour into the bottle is colder or warmer than room temperature or the bottle is not filled up
completely, the result can vary a little. Therefore, remember to always test the temperature of the milk before
you feed your baby.

ANDIAMO - Let's go!

iiamo is an award-winning Danish baby product line, free of BPA and other harmful chemicals and – because we all like things to be not only functional but also good looking - designed by one of the world’s leading industrial designers, Karim Rashid. Karim also works for many other world-leading companies such as Kenzo, Prada, Issey Miyake, Samsung, YSL, Sony, Audi, Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste, just to name a few.

The name iiamo is inspired from the Italian “andiamo”, let’s go, referring to iiamo’s philosophy of easy living. That shows in a product like the baby bottle “iiamo go”, that comes with an extra self-warming function, offering parents the freedom to warm a bottle of milk wherever and whenever. No electricity, chemicals or cords needed. Let’s go!

Kind + Jugend Innovation Award


For this idea iiamo was rewarded with a number of international baby product awards, not least the prestigious Kind + Jugend Innovation Award.

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Heating cartridge, iiamo warm (5 pcs)

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