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The keratin layer of newborns has less keratinocytes than that of adults, as well as a higher content of water.

This means that the skin barrier of newborns, which is not yet fully developed, is much smaller, resulting in a much more sensitive skin. In addition, there is no protection from sebum, which is not yet fully developed and the pH level of their skin is higher, up to 6,5 points, compared to that of adults.

When this incomplete and sensitive skin barrier of newborns interacts with the environment, it results in a further reduction of the barrier’s thickness, which facilitates the penetration of irritants and allergens as well as the easier loss of moisture.

This leads to irritation, dryness, atopic dermatitis and diaper irritation.

Having as their main purpose the normal development of the natural acid mantle of the infant’s skin, HELENVITA BABY care products contain ingredients of extremely high standards.
They are enriched with: OMEGA BLUE (2%), blueberry oil. Blueberry oil has a very high content, more than 50%, of multi-unsaturated fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3, in optimum ratios. It is rich in soothing phytosterols and Vitamin E, and it is ideal for the reconstruction of the skin.

COTTON EXTRACT (3%). A symbol of softness and purity, cotton extract is rich in proteins, B complex vitamins and sugars that soften and soothe the skin.All of the creams contain no silicone, petroleum by-products (paraffin oil and vaseline), PEGs or preservatives that cause irritation, and they have been designed so that they have the highest possible content of natural nourishing oils and soothing extracts, at a pH level that is compatible with that of the skin.

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