NappynatTM is a project set up in 2014 following the revolutionary stream born in Tuscany around 2005 which for the first time in world aims creating disposable hygene and personal care products, with excellent performances, made only with the best biodegradable plant-based raw materials. Specific studies confirm that these raw materials work same, if not better, than petrol derived ones and can guarantee the right wellness and safety to children and their mothers. Nappynat produces only natural and organic products, taking care of the whole family. Nappynat respects the environment by using biodegradable materials and compostable packaging. Choose Nappynat. Choose the quality 100% made in Italy.

Nappynat products can be found at Tania Argyrou pharmacy at 28B Pavlou Mela 2413 Makedonitissa. Tel. 22658628 E-mail: and at George Kiagias pharmacy st 6A Soteras avenue Paralimni. Tel. 23827020. e-mail:

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Organic Maxi Diapers Nappynat 3+

Baby weight: 10-16 Kg - Pack of 20 pcsNatural hypoallergenic nappiesProduced from raw materials of p..


Organic Mini Diapers Nappynat 1+ Newborn

Baby weight: 2-6 Kg - Pack of 26 pcs.Diapers natural hypoallergenic.Products with vegetable raw mate..


Organic Diapers Junior Nappynat 5+

Baby weight: 18-30 Kg - Pack of 16 pcs.Natural hypoallergenic nappiesProduced from raw materials of ..


Organic Midi Diapers Nappynat 2+

br>baby weight: 4-10 Kg - Pack of 22 pcs. Natural hypoallergenic nappiesProduced from raw materia..


Organic Diapers Maxi-plus Nappynat 4+

Baby weight: 14-25 Kg - Pack of 18 pcs.Natural hypoallergenic nappiesProduced from raw materials of ..


Baby wipes Nappynat

Pack of 72 pcs.Composition flushable towel eco-friendly:..


Organic Cotton Wool

Made of pure and soft cotton wool, certified 100% biologic, ideal for the hygiene and personal care...


Make-up remover pads

Make-up remover pads are made of  soft, organic and certified cotton, ideal for everyday f..


Assorted Hypoallergenic Plasters

Water-resistant, breathable, hypoallergenic plasters.Assorted size. 24 units per pack. Nappynat Hypo..


Hypoallergenic Plasters

Water-resistant, breathable, hypoallergenic Plasters. One size. 24 Units per pack. Hypoallergenic Na..


Baby bath with Eucalyptus

Pleasant and gentle body wash enriched with refreshing eucalyptus essential oil, ideal for the delic..


Baby sanitizer gel

With eucalyptus and aloe extracts No-rinse hand sanitizer gel, ideal when you are not at home and ne..


Baby Conditioner with Eucalyptus

Baby Conditioner with Eucalyptus and Chamomile extractsGentle creamy conditioner suitable for all ha..


Baby body shampoo with Eucalyptus

Baby body shampoo with Eucalyptus, Aloe and Mallow extracts 450mlGentle shampoo for the care and cle..